Frequent Asked Questions


1. Can I make my tea flavor stronger?

Yes, steep the tea longer for 5 to 6 minutes

2. How do I make my drink less sweet?

Pour less syrup. The standard sweetness would be our syrup package size.

3. How do I make my boba more sweet?

Add your own at-home sweeteners such as sugar or brown sugar.

4. Why does my boba comes out hard?

We recommend following our cooking guide provided in your kit. Make sure to use the correct amount of water. After you’ve cooked the boba, rinse it with cold water for 3 seconds.

5. How hot should the water temperature be to brew the tea leaves?

Between 160-180 F°. Anything hotter would blister the tea leaves. We highly recommend using an at-home water dispenser or electric kettle. 

6. How long does the ingredients last?

The ingredients have a shelf life of 6 months from the time you receive it. 

7. Can I make hot drinks?

Yes, you can make hot drinks but our brewing guide is based on ice-cold drinks. 

8. Can we mix two flavors together?

Yes, just use half of your 2 desired flavors. Get creative and explore your inner barista. :) 

9. Why is my milk tea drink not mixing well?

Make sure to use the recommended temperature and stir syrup first. Next, add Non-dairy and stir thoroughly before adding ice. 

10. Where does your ingredients come from?

Our ingredients come from a Taiwan manufacturer, which distribute in California.